No Excuses


We are launching a new show y'all. It's called "Building the Dream: No Excuses."

This past week, we learned just how important it’s going to be for Democrats to be strong. The hard truth is this: our country is in decline and our democracy is in peril. To fight this, Democrats must two things:

  1. Firmly and swiftly hold Trump accountable for his coup attempt and give no ground to his terrorism. We cannot risk inciting a coup being the new norm for losing Presidential elections.

  2. Deliver on the promises they campaigned for. We fundamentally need to greatly improve the lives of people in this country so they both believe in their government again and believe there is a brighter future ahead of them. The vast majority of promises Biden made would be a start if he actually delivers. If Biden manages to mobilize the economy to ‘Build Back Better’ in his first two years, it would make a real start at improving people’s lives and show Americans that their government can function.

Lucky for Democrats, they now control the House, Senate and Presidency, so they should have no excuses for inaction. But we fear that Democrats might try to find ways to get out of it -- and just the other day, literally as we were recording this show, we saw Senator Joe Manchin declare that he would be against $2,000 relief checks for struggling Americans, something an overwhelming number of Americans of both parties support and one of the clearer promises Democrats made to win the Senate races in Georgia.

So we are changing the name of the show because we're changing the focus of the show. We are going to talk about the big solutions that Democrats can actually do right now with their new power,  we'll tell you when Democratic leadership is trying to find excuses to not do it. We will also tell you how only  5 members of the House of Representatives could strategically fight for the American people and get these big things done.

But most importantly, we will tell you how you can join the fight to save this country. Alongside the new show, we’re launching a new PAC called No Excuses to make sure Democrats do what they said they would. Our first campaign: radio ads in West Virginia asking West Virginian voters to tell Joe Manchin to support $2,000 checks. West Virginians are hurting just as badly, if not worse, than most Americans from the pandemic so it’s unconscionable that their Senator wouldn’t support this. Donate to help us keep these ads on the air: