Building the Dream
Building the Dream
A Rhode Island Revolution

A Rhode Island Revolution

What if a political movement won a governing majority for an entire state? That is exactly what the Rhode Island Political Cooperative is working to do.

We had the chance to sit down with the two candidates at the top of the ticket former RI Sec of State Matt Brown and Senator Cynthia Mendes. They are running for Gov and Lt Gov and are joined by 50 other down-ballot candidates running for state House and Senate. If successful they will have a governing majority capable of passing their bold agenda. 

The slate is running on a platform that includes the following policies: 

  • Healthcare for All

  • Affordable Housing for All

  • Quality Education for All

  • Green New Deal for All

  • Fair Economy for All

  • Equal Justice for All

  • Pandemic Protection for All

Building the Dream
Building the Dream
In 2016, we attempted a political revolution. It didn't work, but we managed to recruit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beat the third most powerful Democrat, and introduce the Green New Deal. So now what do we do to build an America where everyone thrives?