Hunter Walker on Biden, Trump and the Election


Hunter Walker is the White House Correspondent for Yahoo News, the largest news website in the world. But Hunter has also been in a unique position as a journalist for this moment. For whatever reason, Donald Trump has been calling him up for the last decade to pitch him stories. So for better or worse, he has followed Donald Trump as a journalist more closely than perhaps anyone we can think of. 

Today, we talked with Hunter to see if he could give us any insight into how Trump's mind might work and how the media will cover today. We're all concerned that Donald Trump won't concede even if he is losing big. We interviewed Professor Lawrence Douglas in a previous episode to get the legal rundown of how that plays out. But we know that a lot of what actually goes down will be determined by the actions of the media and Trump himself. So how WILL the media react today? And what will Trump do?